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Our Singapore Trip

We went to the air port early in the mornig. We waited 3 hours before to go in the air plane. I feel we floated to the air inside the air plane. We ate lunch at the air plane. I sleep in the air plane. It was fun in side the air plane. We stayed at Singapore for 4 days.

This is us at the air port.

We stayed at Festive hotel for the first night. The room was big. It was big enough for the 7 of us. And the 3 days at Concorde hotel. Now we have 2 rooms.
That day we go to S.E.A. Aquarium. We saw many water animals. We all like it. At first we saw exhibits.
This is me and Kyla. We saw many kinds of fish. Some are beautiful.
This is one kind of fish. We saw another one it was beautiful.
This is one kind of a Ray. This is what we saw Manta Ray, Sting Ray, Sharks, Dolphins, Lobsters, Spider Crabs, and all kinds of fish and many more.

The fallowing day we rode the Luge, Sky Train, and the Cable Car. Before that we watched The Songs of the Sea. We did all of this in the night time. At morning we rode the M.R.T. and the Monorail.
This is us inside the Monorail.

At the next day we went to the Singapore Zoo. We saw many kinds of animals like Tapir, Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, Lion, Tiger, Monkeys and many more. We went to the Night Safari.
This is us at Singapore Zoo.

The 4th day we are going back to Philippnes. I was happy we are going back to the Philippines! 

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